Researching Modern Slavery in the UK

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About the project

Evidence-based response is key to ending slavery, and research plays an important role in informing the policies and practices that underpin this anti-slavery effort.

Our report and accompanying website therefore survey the UK’s modern slavery research landscape. We seek to understand the evidence base, and identify strengths and gaps in our research understanding.

The Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner (IASC) and the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham released a call for submissions from researchers in 2017. We invited submissions about UK-based slavery and by all UK-based researchers. Drawing on these 59 submissions, we mapped the current evidence base.

This work complements our recent joint report on anti-slavery partnerships (2017), offering insight into another element of the UK anti-slavery landscape: research.

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Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

The UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner is responsible for promoting best practice and driving crucial improvement across the anti-slavery response, both in the UK and internationally. Kevin Hyland OBE was the UK’s inaugural Commissioner and left the post in July 2018.

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University of Nottingham Rights Lab

We are a University of Nottingham Beacon of Excellence that is delivering research to help end slavery by 2030.

We have built a large-scale research platform with more than a dozen multidisciplinary teams and over 100 academics, and are working to understand how many slaves there are today, where slavery takes place, why it persists, what works to tackle it, and what difference freedom makes to our world.

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